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Sex Bandaid Tab

Sex Bandaid - Antje Duvekot
Tabbed by ear by Travis Hussey,

Intro: Riff 1 x2

Verse 1: Riff 1 x4
Well I don't need your baggage, I don't need your grief
Still I came back, and I tried to leave you

 Riff 1:  | Riff 2:                 | 1st end| 2nd end  |
Intro & V1| V2

Verse 2: Riff 2
Cause I need you like a cigarette, I need you like my whiskey
Drag me down to higher ground, and I am gravity
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Chorus 1: Riff 3: w/ var.| 1st end| 2nd end  |
                                                     Chorus 2 chords:
Open the flood gates, throw a sex band-aid on my      022400
open wounds, kiss me I will                           024400
swallow my pride, I will,                             035500
swallow my pride. When you                            021200
come down, I will meet you out in the                 Repeat
burning field for another damn
Spin on your merry-go-round

Verses 3 & 4:
Play first measure of Riff 2 x2, then repeat Riff 1 until Chorus 2

Oh, you light me like a candle, the sugar in your mouth
Kiss my lips, then you blow me out.  
But I need you like a poison fruit, hunger from the tree of truth
I am weak and I need you so exile me if you want to (end w/ 022400)

Chorus 2: strum 1 chord per line as written next to Chorus 1

Instrumental chords: (Ahh...) 079900, 057700, 035500, 002200, repeat. 

Verse 5: (arpeggiate chords)
Oh you make me vincible           079XXX (hold), x02200
How am I supposed to fight back?  x21200, 079900
And if you wouldn't mind just lying some out, 079900
hope you don't mind if I come out x02200
Oh, it's just a little fire,      x21200
just a little firefly, fly        x02200 (to Chorus 2 x2 w/ variations below)

Open the flood gates...
...spin on your merry-go, spin on your merry-go, 
spin on your merry-go-round

022400  Open the flood gates, throw a sex band-aid on my 
X00232  open wound, kiss me I will 
002230  swallow my pride (drawn out)
X32000, X3(0h2)000
022400  When you come down I will meet you out in the 
X00232  burning field for another damn
X02230  Spin on your merry-go-round, spin on your merry-go-round, round, round

End 0xxxxx