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Caroline Chords

Song: Caroline
Artist: Angie Aparo
Album: Out Of Everywhere
Tab: David Mac & Optophobic

Note: Not 100% about words

Intro: Verse once

Em F#/G G
Tangled tempest, Grey and green
Vines drimpin' over my path
B/Am C           D C/D B/D A/D
     All I see is highway
No TV, no dirty city streets
No telephone ringin' all hours of the night
For Me
(you see)
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Now I'm free
I am born in the sun
I'm free
D                  C
And my life's just begun
B/C                  F
Yeah, my life's just begun

I was a bird, I was flyin' over striped earth
I was desperate to land, I was desperate to pirch
It's how I'd feel
Seldom we find the peace we deserve
Desperate to love, needing rebirth
It's how I feel
(now you see, you see)

Now I'm free
I am born in the sun
I'm free
D                  C     D
And my life's just begun
     G   G7
I'm free,
Colors bleeding to one
     Am    D             C
I am free, Caroline here come
B/C Am             (Em F#/D) G
Caroline here come