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Save Me Chords

Standard Tuning-EADGBE

Capo 3rd fret

Save Me by Aimee Mann

[verse 1]

E(G)         E(Gb)  E(G)  A
    You look like

  G       C  G  B7
A perfect fit

E(G)      E(Gb)  E(G)  A
    For a girl

   G         C         G  B7
In need of a tourniquet


            C  G    Am
but can you    save me

            C  G    C
come on and    save me
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             C  G    Am
if you could    save me

         G            G/F
from the ranks of the freaks

    Em                 A7
who suspect they could never love anyone

[verse 2]

cause i can tell
you know what its like
the long farewell
of the hunger strike



C     G         F  C
  You struck me dumb

C      G   F  C
  Like radium

Em           Am
  Like peter pan

Em        Am
  Or Superman

    G F C
You come

   G    Am
to save me

[go into chorus]