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artist: against me!
title:  You Look Like I Need A Drink (acoustic)
album:  cavalier eternel 7'' (2004)

2| -------3-------------------------3-3-3----------3---3---3---3-|
3| -------2-------------------------3-3-3----------4---4---4---4-|
4| ----4--0---0-2-0-2-4^2^0---0--0--0-0-0--4^2^0---4---4---4---4-|
5| 2--5-5----0----------------------2-2-2--------2---2---2---2---|
6| -------------------------3--3----3-3-3------------------------|

1| --0---0---0---0---3---3---3---3----2---2-|
2| --2---2---2---2---3---3---3---3----3---3-|
3| --2---2---2---2---0---0---0---0----4---4-|
4| --2---2---2---2---0---0---0---0----4---4-|
5| 0---0---0---0-----2---2---2---2--2---2---|
6| ----------------3---3---3---3------------| keep that rhythim all the song (4/4)
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Hm                     A
in the closest alley, in the first doorway,
G                                    Hm
pushed up against her and closed his eyes.
he said, "this is probably the worst decision that i've ever made."
she laughed and smiled.
Hm                                                    Hm
she said, "i'm sure you do this all the time...right?"
Hm                                     A
as the morning came and the city woke into the building people all went to work,
as their rides out of town came they parted ways she said,
"do you know when you're coming back again?"
dig it deeper and deeper and farther still,
bury it up and over and into the ground,
G                                         D             E            G
all these lies will grow in ways that we never thought poooossiiiiblllle.

Hm (mute chords)
if you quiet down, down,
A (mute)
it's so soft of a sound,
G (mute)                               Hm
you can hear it all coming back after you.     (play twice)

now you want to take it back, you think you might have fucked up.
 waking dreams of concrete, deafening panic, cracked skull,
G                                                           Hm
there is yelling all around, get up, get up please start breathing

and the moment will come when you finally realize
the results of decisions and choices in your life.
G                                     Hm   A      G   Hm
Do you hear it all coming back after you?-oo-ooo-oo-oou

 end Hm.

 it not 100 % right. intro could be a litlle different, but I think 99 % right. Just 
to the song and make improvization as you like to. The song in The Eternal Cowboy [2003] 
is more heavier and more faster as in this, but chords and intro is the same.

 by Narcizas Aguona
    AguonA on SLSK