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Blame Etc Chords

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Blame, Etc.
by The Afghan Whigs
from the album Black Love
Tab by: R. Flahive

This is a really great song, and it's not too hard to play. Use a wah.
Listen to the cd to get the wah effects down.

Intro: A---2---0h2-0h2--0-----0h2-0----------------------|
       E-----------------------------3--2--0--0-2-3-2-0--|   x4


Follow this pattern during the verse:
      (B5) x x x | x x x A5|B5 x x x | x x x D5\|B5...
         1  2 3 4 | 1 2 3 4  | 1 2 3 4  | 1 2 3 4   | 1...etc.

       Use the wah with the mutes. Follow the guitar pattern on
       the cd or come up with your own funky rythyms.

[ Tab from: ]
D5  B5
      My lust it ties me up in chains
A5  B5
       My skin catches fire at the mention of your name
D5  B5
       No matter what I tried 2 do
A5  B5
        I could not lose it
D5  B5
        Now I know my heart is being used
A5  B5
        But what I'm not allowed to have I never could refuse
D5  B5
       No matter what I tried 2 do
A5  B5
        I stood accused

       F       C                    Bm
       I..... reply..... that I don't believe
             A         F           C
       I'm ever gonna die..... I don't
       Do u?

           Bm       A         G          A
       Blame, deny, betray, divide
           Bm      A                 G               A
       A lie, the truth, which one shall I use?
                                   Bm      A
      Whatcha gonna do? I know
                                    G          A
      Whatcha gonna do? I know, I know, I know

(note: 1st guitar solos over the chorus. 2nd sticks to the chords.)

VERSE 2 (same as verse 1):
      Your sanctimony is showing my dear
       The acrimony hangs in the air
       Beware of who u trust in this world
       Beware the lies about 2 unfurl

INTERLUDE (same as above, repeated twice):
       I..... reply..... that I don't believe
       I'm ever gonna die..... I don't
       Do u?
       U..... were blind..... but u are not
       Alone in this as I..... was once
       Like u

CHORUS (same as before): Blame, etc.