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Dip Doodle Chords

Dip Doodle
By: Adam Sandler
What The Hell Happened To Me?

   A       E       F#      A maj     G
 |--0--| |--0--| |--2--| |--5--| |--3--|  
 |--2--| |--0--| |--2--| |--5--| |--3--|
 |--2--| |--1--| |--3--| |--6--| |--4--|
 |--2--| |--2--| |--4--| |--7--| |--5--|  
 |--0--| |--2--| |--4--| |--7--| |--5--|
 |--0--| |--0--| |--2--| |--5--| |--3--|

  A         E          F#
Jabawakee Ding Dong, Slip Slap Slee 

 A          E           F#           A maj
Dip stick pattywack, pee pee googalee gee

 A           E             F#          A maj
polly wally sling slang, skooey dibbely doo

 A                    E                 
wing wong, ping pong, king kong, cheech and chong

 F#           A maj
hop, hip gagagoogoo

 E                A                  F#           A maj
hickory dickory slickory flip flap, dip skip to my lu

 E                  A
flim flam wam blam sam bam Cunningham

wak snack kutchie kutchie koo


              A               E              F#                 A maj
plus ya gotta dip, you gotta doodle, you gotta eat grandma's strudel

 A                 E                           A maj
cause she stayed up all night to make it from scratch

           A               E            F#                A maj
you gotta gish, you gotta gash, you gotta wax grandma's mustache 

     A               E                A maj
and lay out her socks to make sure they match

Woah you gotta help out your grandma

[A, E, A maj]
  A                E                              G     A maj
Slappedy Dappedy Sling Schism Schasm Bing Bang Boom

  A maj            E              F#                A maj
A Yeap Yeap, a snippity snap, walla walla scrappy dappy doo
[ Tab from: ]
  A                           E                F#              A maj
piddle paddle fiddle faddle widdle waddle, a weeee clunkety clang

  A                E             F#                       A maj
a clock a fiz a wackety wiz, a chiddy chiddy bang wang lang

  E               A maj          E          A maj
zippedy doo dang lippedy yeah, umpa lumpa doo

  E              A maj                   E            A
piggley wiggley doo dah stinky winky linky foo man choo

             A                 E             F#                   G    A maj
plus ya gotta dip, you gotta doodle, you gotta shave grandma's poodle, 

  A maj              E              A maj
cause grandma would do the same for yoooouuuuu

            A                E            F#           
you gotta livey, you gotta lavay you gotta hug grandma even though she's 

    G     A maj

      E                             A maj
cause you should know grandmas' are people too

A maj                            A    E    A maj          
Woah, you gotta love your grandma

[A, E, A maj]

You guys are so cool

[A, E, A maj, G]

A maj (quiet)
Now if you listen to the words of the song
                                               A maj                       
you know they are comin straight from the heart
 A                       E
never make fun of your grandma
 A maj
even when she rips a juicy fart

                  A              E              F#         
and remember too dip, you gotta doodle, you gotta stop playin with your 

    G    A maj

         E                         A maj
cause grandma said it'll make you go blind

            A               E             F#                     G     A maj
you gotta gipper you gotta giper, you gotta change grandma's diaper 

             E                          A maj
and then pretend that you really didn't mind

woah, respect to the grandma, yeah