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Slap In The Face Chords

Slap In The Face

By: Curbwax

INTRO        G-D-Em-D-G       (x2)        then play throughout song non-stop

Woke up in the morning, there was nothing to do, 

So I went to the stairs and put on my shoes,

Got on my bike and went down the street,

Made a sharp turn and fell to my knees,

Then I got back up on my feet,

I turned around and guess who I see,


My ex-girlfriend, she was standing next to me (x2)
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She told me she had something to say and she said it right to my face,

She said I was nothing but a big fuckn’ discrace.


How I felt you could only guess,

Felt good enough to get stuff off my chest (x2)


Then the next morning I was all alone,

I heard a ring so I picked up the phone

I listened really closely kind of in fear

But you wont believe what I hear


My ex-girlfriend, she was talking to me (x2)

She told me she had something to say and she yelled it over the phone,

She said I was a really big jackass and I’ll always be alone