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Sentimental Garbage Chords

Sentimental Garbage
6 Cyclemind
Permission to Shine

Intro: E-

Verse 1:
It's been hard for me to see
Just thinking about the cold nights
Can't help myself, I'm drowning inside

Verse 2:
Stepping in the wrong side
Forcing me into the savage land
Within me is the poison of the world
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C5      B5                  E
Can you see me, I'm falling apart?
C5     B5                       E
Can you help me, I'm shaking inside?
     C5       B5
Please just take me
C5            D5
Please just take me

E5                       Eb/E5
Breathing the some around
D5                           C5
Chasing those spirits behind
E5            Eb/E5
Binding the staring light
D5                      C5      E
Hoping it will collide with you

Adlib: E

(Repeat Bridge)

In the rap part: Just play "E"

[ C!C@tr!x ]