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The Way I Feel Tab

			     THE WAY I FEEL - 12 Stones

Tab by Noleafclover6879

This is a new song by a new band that is REALLY going
somewhere, and truly have Jesus backing them all the way,
not to mention the guitarist is unbelievably off the hook.
Unfortunately, I don't have the tie or talent to figure out
the solo as of yet, or some of the less important notes in
the intro/verse, but there was no tab for this song
anywhere, so I made one, and I hope that someone out there
with a little more guitar know-how can fill in the gaps...
Capo on the 1st fret, makes the whole song much easier,
because you free up an extra finger, but if you are really
good, I guess it isn't neccesary

Intro / Verse
Simply finger (but dont play) this chord:

Then use the notes in this order:
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/0-9/12_stones/the_way_i_feel_tab_ver_2.html ]
The chords used are as follows: Cm, G#, D#, A#. This is how
you play them:
      Cm        G#        D#        A#

The progression goes with the words like this:

        Cm       G#    D#     A#
Cause I hate the way I feel tonight
      Cm     G#       A#
And I know I need you in my life
      Cm       G#    D#     A#
Yes I hate the way I feel inside
      Cm         G#       A#
And I promise to make the sacrifice

As for the solo part, you can figure it out for yourself,
or just continue with the Chorus I believe as a rhythm
part. If any of you does know how to tab this solo, I
encourage you to, because it really is a key part in this
song, and i am doing my best to figure it out. Thats about
it, 'cept here's the order:

Intro: x 3
Verse(yes, the same as the intro): x 4
Chorus: x 1
Intro: x 2
Verse: x 4
Chorus: x 1
(Solo or Chorus part for rhythm)
Chorus: x 2(the second time, the words change for the
second half of it, but same chords)
Outro: hold the Cm out and let it fade (x1)
Questions/comments/anything else, email me at
noleafclover6879@nc.rr.com .
Also, check out the site www.12stones.com for more band info!