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Kansas - Carry On My Wayward Son Tab - Posted: 2006/02/08 7:58pm
i dont think i would rate it an eight so im giving it about a seven because the first intro part when you 
play it distorted doesnt sound completely right. its like you added a few extra tabs here and there. and 
then the power tab part i have no clue where it even went in the song..
Seether - Remedy Tab - Posted: 2006/01/15 4:54pm
the tuning wasnt right. c is easier. the second verse after the intro didnt completely sound right either.
Black Sabbath - Iron Man (ver 3) Bass Tab - Posted: 2006/01/14 11:20pm
first of all the song is played in power tabs. you can tell taht just by hearing the song. second of all it 
doesnt even sound right the way you put it..
Blink 182 - Adams Song (ver 2) Tab - Posted: 2006/01/14 10:57pm
yep the beginning is a little sloppy. not completely right but everything else sounds fine. 
Blink 182 - Not Now Tab - Posted: 2006/01/14 10:50pm
The intro was perfect. thanks because i have been trying to figure that intro out for a while and 
guitartabs.cc hasnt had it for ever and now i know..thanks. but from the pick slide and the second part of 
the first verse of the tabs you messed up a little bit so i rated it a seven because it didnt sound right 
from there on. but thanks

Montgomery Gentry - My Town Tab - Posted: 2006/01/14 10:46pm
these arent tabs you idiot. theyre chords..
Led Zeppelin - The Ocean (ver 2) Tab - Posted: 2006/01/14 10:42pm
there is no way the intro is right. i didnt even look at the rest of the song. i rated it a four. but i 
wouldnt of givin it a four and a half just to be nice.

Weezer - Beverly Hills Tab - Posted: 2006/01/14 10:36pm
everythin perfect except for the last solo. i rated it a nine one point short of a ten only because of that. 
i was too lazy though to tab it out so keep working on it. good job and thanks.
Switchfoot - Meant To Live Tab - Posted: 2006/01/02 6:38pm
i havnt rated this song yet but i still dont think that the intor is right. the 4b5 doesnt seem correct. idk 
though. it aslo might be beacsue im playing on string that don't bend too well