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Adult Books Chords

Adult Books
By X 
Transcribed by Tommy Boy

Here's the chords first:

D:     xx0232
Bmin:  x24432
F#min  244222
C:     x32010
G5:    355xxx
B5:    x244xx
E5:    x977xx
C5:    x355xx  

Pretty simple, huh?  Ok, here's the song:

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/x/x/adult_books_crd.html ]
D                        Bmin              F#min                        
Many many guys and girls all real beauties everybody making a stab 
they hurt themselves. . .


G5            B5            G5             B5 
    All in a line                All in a line. . .


 E5              C5                B5
Adult books    I don't understand  Jackie Susann  meant it that way. . .

That's it.  There's a solo after the second chorus, but I rarely tab 
out solos.  Come up with something yourself!  Or Billy Zoom will kick 
your ass.

Adult boo-ooks!