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For The Sake Of The Song Chords

Here's a slightly more accurately worded version with the correct chords.
If you play the intro at the seventh fret it gives an interesting contrast.

B                 E                  B
Why does she sing her sad songs for me I’m not the one,
B                 E               B
To tenderly bring her soft sympathy I’ve just begun,
F#                                                   B
To see my way clear and it’s plain if I stop I will fall,
F#                                                          B
I can lay down a tear for her pain, just a tear and that’s all.
E                         B
What does she want me to do?
E                             F#
She says that she knows that moments are rare,
           E             B 
And I suppose that it’s true.
      E              F#                       E            B
Then on she goes to say I don’t care and she knows that I do.
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         F#                                             B
Ah, but maybe she just has to sing for the sake of the song,
     F#                                             B
And who do I think that I am to decide that she’s wrong.

She’d like to think I was cruel, but she knows that’s a lie for I would be,
No more than a tool if I allowed her to cry all over me,
Oh my sorrow is real even though I can’t change my plans,
If she could see how I feel then I know that she’d understand.
Oh does she actually think I’m to blame?
Does she really believe that some word of mine can relieve all her pain?
Can’t she see that she grieves just because she’s been blindly deceived by her pain?

Ah, but nothing’s what it seems, maybe she’ll start someday to realize,
If she abandons her dreams, then all the words she can say are only lies,
Ah when will she see that to gain is only to lose?
All that she offers me are her chains, I got to refuse.
Oh but it’s only to herself that she’s lied.
She likes to pretend it’s something that she should defend with her pride,
I don’t intend to stand here and be the friend from who she must hide.