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Yea... Um this is a song that would prolly sound better on a bass im not sure
but i wanted to play it so this is what i came up with make sure your distortion
its some thing like this i think its pritty close... if you have any sugestions
please tel me cuz im not to good with figureing out music so yea tell me and i
will fix it. i dont knowif you noticed it or not but tis is the like first part
of ozzy - Crazy Train and then the solo down here is second part but higher or
some thing so yea lol...any questions please ask.
this is it just like when you play it theres some pauses in it and stuff so its
a lil hard to write it all out but thats mainly it and you will be able to figure
out the rest its like the same thing almost..........
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e:-------------------------------------------------------------|theres a slide
b:-------------------------------------------------------------|or some thing
g:-------------------------------------------------------------|right at the
d:---------------------7-7---------------------------7-7-------|end here and
a:-4-4--7-7--2-2--4-4--5-5--2-2--4-4--7-7--2-2--4-4--5-5--2-2--|I cant figure
e:-2-2--5-5--0-0--2-2-------0-0--2-2--5-5--0-0--2-2-------0-0--|it out so
                                                              maby you can..

Then there comes that like weard solo part or some thing idk exactly what it is
but i just play this and it osunds sorta like it but i know its not this sorry if
im not that much help to you but this is the first tab i ever writen so yea its
like this..Repeat this until they stop
this is the second part in crazy train that you here but higher and since that
the song is the same as crazt train almost i figured that this is prolly the
same im not sure though.........