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Aerodeliria Chords

The Loud Family:
RIP Scott Miller

B  A  D
B  A  E  A

G# C# F#

B     E     B        E
Aerodeliria jet ride
B            E       A
They don't affect me now
D       A       B            F#      A     E  D  E
Elegant Stalins nine hundred stories down
B          E             B    E
Go back to sleep, Little Susie
B              E       A
What would you wake to find?
D        A          B         F#        A      E  D  E
Arrogant laws still hoping to draw your lines

        B            F#m
Love is real, and'll care for you
   A            E           B
So take all the love that's there for you
      F#          A
Where one gets refused
         C#m           B        F#
We could blow down the doors in twos
  C#m              B    F#    C#m
I don't think we'd ever lose
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B     E     B           E
Aerodeleria light speed
B                E        A
What won't these kids get done?
           D     A       B               F#          A   E  D  E
With their ibuprofen and smoked glass to look at the sun

        B           F#m
Door to door in the August heat
A             E     B
Scamming down forty-second Street
    F#           A
But what will we do,
         C#m         B        F#
Girl, if just one of us comes through
        C#m        B       F#  C#m
And I'm putting my bets on you

D               E         G      D
Look what we've gotten ourselves in
A        C#m   F#m B F#m
Over the falls we  go
D               E              G     D
Girl, don't you know what that sound is?
A      C#m F#m B F#m
Losses be- ing cut
    A     C#m F#m B F#m
And mercy be- ing a- sked
     A          C#m E   F#
And "Don't hate us  too bad.
          B    E  B  E  B  E
We didn't know."

B  A  D
B  A  E  A
B  A  D
B  A  E