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If Its Here When We Get Back Its Ours Chords & Tabs

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If Its Here When We Get Back Its Ours Chords

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From ulla.svensk@balbro.norrtalje.se Fri May 16 08:37:33 1997
Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 01:02:25 -0100
From: Ulla Svensk 
To: guitar@olga.net
Subject: Tab: If its here when we get back its ours by Texas is the reason

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Song: If it´s here when we get back it´s ours
Band: Texas is the reason
Album: s/t (Revelation Records 1995, Rev 47)
Tabbed by: Fredrik Svensk (ulla.svensk@balbro.norrtalje.se)
Tuning:   Drop Low E to D
          Raise the G string to A
The chords you'll find here is just for one guitar (The main riff, I 
think it was Norm that played these chords). If someone has figured 
out the other guitar, I´ll be happy to have it!
Chords:       ;I don't really know the chord names but...
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/t/texas_is_the_reason/if_its_here_when_we_get_back_its_ours_crd.html ]
   G   F   B
e| X   X   X 
B| X   X   X
G| 4   0   7
D| 4   0   7
A| 4   0   7
E| 4   0   7
Intro.: FFFFFFFFFGGGFFFBBBBB  ;listen to the song and you'll hear what
I mean.
The intro kinda tells you how the song is played. 
The verse is played with some more Gs : GGGFFGGGFFFFGGGFFFFBBBB.
(something like that)
The chorus is played palm mute (verse rhythm).

I really had trouble hearing the lyrics, maybe someone out there
can help me out.
       Well, I think I finally thought of how to act every time you 
       come around. I think I'm finally sick of faking it.

       But I hate you all and that's for free and that's 
       what makes it easy for me. Well, it took me long enough.

       But I won't tell anyone
       But I won't tell anyone

       I got to form myself into believe in that I might be stuck.
       And see you leaving, that makes sense to me.

       But unfortunately I'm not impressed with anyone or anything.
       So just ?? why you all are here.

       But I won't tell anyone...

       Would you know what to say?
       Would you know how to feel?     ;X2

       I won't tell anyone, I won't tell anyone...