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Almost Lucy Chords

Almost Lucy

Am					C	
Lucy worked a different  club every day
				G				F
And though she put her mind to it her heart was never in it
Am					C
She stayed around just long enough to get paid
			G				F
She won`t pass the time with you she can`t stay a minute
G7					Am
And all these changing faces never bothered her at all
 	G			F		C		G
They just existed like a back-drop  or a pattern on the wall
G7					Am
Lucy looks like someone who was waiting for a call
Am					F		C
She knows she will come but no one else hear at all

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Am					C
Lucy finds the dressing room and the bar
			G					F
Hangs her clothes up  hopes tonight the contract won`t be broken
Am							C
Well, they kick you around so much when you`re not a star
			G				F
Make you play all nigh just for pittance or a token
G7					Am
But all these imperfections never bothered her at all
		G		F			C			G
She says it sharpens your perfection    when you are back`s against the wall
G7					Am
There`s something that enables her to rise above it all
Am				F		C
To shrug it off, just when it seems to go too far

Am			G		F			C
Hey, hey, hey, I think you almost   Feel the pain coming on inside
Am			G		F			C
Hey, hey, hey, I think you almost  Feel it now And you don`t know why
G				Am
You don`t know why.....  hm, hm...

G7				Am
The last time I saw her  she had given up the chase
G			F		C		G
Moved away to California Got a suntan on her face
G7				Am
She says that life was just another time, another space
Am			F			C
It`s over now, she learned a lot It´s not a waste

2x Refrain