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Working On A Sex Farm Chords

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Date: Fri, 9 Jan 1998 14:45:58 EST
From: GCKTK 
Subject: PRO: s/spinal_tap/sex_farm.pro

"Sex Farm"
(Guest, McKean, Reiner, Shearer)

By Spinal Tap

This is off Spinal Tap's self titled album (alias Smell the Glove).
It takes the sophisticated topic of sex and puts it on a farm.
What a visionaristic idea!

Transcribed by Todd Obermiller and Pat Emmons

All chords are barred.

Riff A:

Play A chord on the 5th fret and hammer on and pull off
of the D chord on the 5th fret. Repeat this during the verses

Fill A:

E	D	C slide D

Fill B:

E slide F#(IX) slide G(X) slide A(XII)

Intro (X2)

G	A	G	A 	C	A

Verse 1

Riff A		Fill A
Working on a sex farm
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/s/spinal_tap/working_on_a_sex_farm_crd.html ]
Riff A		Fill A
Trying to raise some hard love

Riff A		Fill A
Getting out my pitchfork

Riff A		Fill B
Poking your hay

Riff A		Fill A
Snatching in your henhouse

Riff A		Fill A
Sniffing at your feedbag

Riff A		Fill A
Slipping out your backdoor

Riff A		Fill B
Leaving my spread


Sex farm woman

I'm gonna lower? you down

Sex farm woman

I'll rake and hoe you down

F#	E	B
Sex farm woman

F#(IX)   E	  B	  F#(II)
Don't you see my silo rising high......high

Verse 2

Working on a sex farm
Hosing down your barn door
Bothering your livestock
They know what I need

Working up a hot sweat
Crashing in your pea patch
Plowing through your bean fields
Planting my seed


Sex farm woman
I'll be your hired hand
Sex farm woman
I'll let my offer stand
Sex farm woman
Don't hear my tractor revving high.....high

Repeat Intro

Repeat 1st half of Verse 1

End on Fill B.

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