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I've wanted to learn the intro to this song for so long and all I could
find was the same tab for it on every site and it's wrong.. So One day
I got really bugged and sat down and figured it out myself. I'm pretty
sure it's right, I will say it's pretty tough though. Thanks for using
it! :)

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e -----------------------------------------------------------------------|
B --------------------------------------------------------5-------7h8p7--|
G -----6h7p6---4------4-----------------7--------0----5------5-----------|
D ---------------5-------------0----5--------0h5---3----5-------0--------|
A -----------------5-------0h6---2----5----3-----------------------------|
E --5--------5----------3------------------------------------------------|

e ------------------------------------| (Repeat 2x)
B ------5--3--------------------------|
G ------------------------------------|
D --0---------0-----------------------|
A ------------------------------------|
E ------------------------------------|

There are also a few other times during the song that you play this.

Tabbed By: Katlyn Evans