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Follow And Feel Chords

Don't let them know
you're watching the situation crumble.[situation crumble]
These things, they take time...
                   A                              G
and they know, yes, they know they should be better now.

Bm                  A                  G
She's watching me awkwardly from a distance.
Should I care?
Bm                       A                G
Is there something more I should have known?
I know that I wonder.
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They took his crown.
There's nothing more left of him now. [but he will be okay]
I appreciate, now that they choose to ignore...
                            A               G
I can't set her free to go without a payment plan.

--repeat chorus--

Bm   A   G
Will she go... or follow?
Bm             A         G
Follow, please follow me home.
[Me home...]
Bm             A         G
Follow, please follow me home.
This won't end like last time...
Bm                         A                  G
The things you swore, they never made me feel anymore

--repeat chorus--