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Listen Listen Chords

Listen, Listen - Sandy Denny

This is a ridiculously simple song, turned into one of Sandy's most beautiful ones by
the way she turns the harmony of the melody around and inside out. 

G	-320033
C	-332010
G6	-x55430
Am	-x02210
D	-x00232
F	-133211

Intro: G
              C               G
The young boy rose his pretty face,
           C              G
All for to feel the salty spray.
                C               G6
When storms are mustering, they say
              Am       D   G
I'll come and take you all away.

       C            G
I am a traveller by trade,
       C                G
I only have what I have made.
          C               G6
A fortune teller too they say,
          Am       D   G
And I can take you all away.

[ Tab from: ]
C   G 
C   G
C   G6
Am  D  G

       C             G
Listen listen to him do.
          C              G
He is the one who is for you.
     C       G
Listen, they say
               Am      D   G
He'll come and take us all away.



         C                   G
And over there the young man stayed,
            C                  G
Upon on the rocks so rough and grey.
             C                 G6
Watching the boy, watching the day
            Am     D       G
Thinking of how he came to be.

            C            G
A young man he, he is so real,
          C             G
And never more to go astray.
         C              G6
He is of value now they say,
           Am      D      G
And he can take himself away.


Outro: F Am G

Tabbed by Hans Manders - June 2005