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yeah i dont really know the lyrics all that well but iits something 
like this:

Am             F                   G      C         G       Am
My tea's gone cold, I'm wondering why, I got out of bed at all
             F                  G         C       G        Am
The morning rain clouds up my window, and I can't see at all
         F                    G                     C      G         Am
And even if I could it would all be grey, but your picture on the wall
      F                 G                 C       G      Am
It reminds me that it's not so bad, it's not so bad

And the bass part played troughout the song:

A [--0-----0-8-----8-10-------10-3---2--] repeat all along the song
E [-------------------------------------] 

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dear sam,
please understand i do not want
to eat green eggs and ham
go away sam i am
i will not eat them in a house
i will not eat them with a louse 
not hear not there not far not near
stop asking with you tongue twisters
my tongue blisters my heads spinning
in fact im in my little red car right now
doing 90 on the freeway
hey sam i just drank a fifth of beatle juice
dare me to drive?
aaaahhhh aahhhh
shut up fox im trying to drive
thats my fox in socks 
hes locked in stocks 
his body's flopped in the boot in a box
where the oxygen stops
oh well im going off the hoovil bridge now
oh damn sam i am how my sposed to send this tongue twister out

dear mr i do not want to eat green eggs and ham,
this is sam
please understand
i dont want u to eat them either man
i know i said 'would ya could ya it them up the stairs'
i know i asked ya 'could ya would ya eat them ballanced on some chairs'
i know i asked in a house with a mouse with a louse with a fish too
but i say that shit just clowning dork cumon how fucked up is u?
i just dont want u to do this crazy biz 
i saw this one biz on the Hoovil news last week
he had a fox in socks locked in stocks in a box in the boot
he had a little red car with a star he hit a bridge 
near a ridge with a clunk 
come to think of it it was u

its a mad song if you like John Safran as much as i do then i know u'll 
enjoy this.