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This is what I hear and it sounds good a standard guitar. Hope you like....

Standard Tuning - EADGBE
Capo 2nd Fret

E1 - X7X05X
E2 - X7X07X
D1 – X5X03X
D2 - X7X07X
A – 5X000X

A – 5X005X
D – X5X03X
G? – 3X4X3X

A – 5X005X
F? - X00454

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A        D              A      D            A
You swim like you're on fire; Live like your last day
D              G?                             A
Drink like its water; there’s no tomorrow…and you 
D             A       D         A           D
No one can hear you; Raise your hands to be called on
Cause you know all the answers, yeah

A               F?             A                
You’re the most colorful thing that I’ve seen (x3)(End w/ F? A)

You dance like no one’s watching; 

Sing to the song and then you sing some more… and we can

Hardly believe it, words that flow from your mouth

Drink like its water, baby

(Chorus x3)

You are an enigma walking

Make no excuses for the way that you carry on…and we can

Hardly believe it

Words that flow from your mouth

Drink like its water girl (x2)

(Repeat chorus)

You are so colorful