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Take Me On Chords

Richie Sambora, \"Take Me On\".
 Tabbed by Ross O'Keefe,
Artist = Richie Sambora
Song = \"Take Me On\"
Album = On The Line (soundtrack)

This is an easy song to play, kinda fun to....If you haven't heard the song you can download it at, get it it's great, Richie Fans especially. Excuse the lyrics, some are way off.

Intro - | D | Bm | A | D |

                    Bm            Dsus2
You've been out all night, thats right
                Bm      Dsus2
Underneath your black umbrella
Bm                              Dsus2
Head moves round the right, so tight
                 Bm          Dsus2
Not me or angels in the sky, they don't lie

You walked by, this empty street
I'm hoping that our eye's might meet
Your hearts too blind to see me
Thats the price of being lonely

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          D                               Bm
You want real love, you think that you're tough enough
        A           G   G/F#  G/E
Take Me On, Take me on
             D                                  Bm
You wanna be turned around, you want to touch higher ground
        A                                      G
For the love that you've been missing, If you think that you're not strong
Take Me On

In a small cafe, all day
Staring in a cup of Coffee
Time just slips away
Smoking you're last cigarette, with no regret

I say hello, you look away
Theres a smile behind your face
There's something more between us
But your hearts too blind to say

(Repeat Chorus)
(Solo - Chorus Chords)


There's a face in every window, a light goes out
Someones alone,
You wake up in the morning, it's another day, 
Another chance gone, gone

(Repeat Chorus - Just repeat the chorus chords as an outro)

Tabbed By - Ross O'Keefe 
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