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Other Side Chords

			   Other Side-Rebelution
Tabbed by:Brandon Wonggg


This is my first tab...  nobody else has tabbed it but i'm pretty sure it's right.

| /  slide up
| \  slide down
| h  hammer-on
| p  pull-off
| ~  vibrato
| +  harmonic
| x  Mute note


B|--13-------------------------12~------------| x4

 G  D Em   C 
Ooh yea (x4)
         G                            D               Em                       
How you feeling? How you feeling? People, take it easy canít you see that Iím
busy now?
G                          D                Em          
Iíve got a knack for some trouble believe me, and lately Iíve been trying to 
block it out
             G                     D        Em                   C
Iíve got a strange little other side, a temptation that I try to hide, like,
          G                     D               Em C
a pretty girl saying do or die *that's right*

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G          D
Oh, And I can tell when I look at you
Em                     C
Oh, That youíve been going what Iím going through
G                 D          Em           C
The same thing happens, the same thing happens
                 G                        D
But Iíve been thinking I can be a better man see,
             Em                            C
Instead of taking life for granted I feel lucky,
        G                   D
to be alive, good how Iíll feel inside
Em                           C
And from now on weíre taking big strides

G   D Em   C
Ooh yea (x4)

G                     D                          Em
Hold up, now yes Iím on something great, if you know you relate, no oneís 
G                          D                            Em
And if you think you canít count your mistakes, think again, cuz I know that
you can
      G               D                       Em                    C
Dear sir, Iím pretty sure that we grow every day based on simple mistakes

that we make *like*
G               D         Em                          C
There ainít no easy way. Say it again there ainít no easy way

G   D  Em                  C
Ooh yeaaa And all through real life it goes like
G   D  Em C
Ooh yeaa, alright!
G   D Em C
Ooh yea (x6)

***Intro*** x4