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You Are The Best Thing Chords

So I hate most of the D-tuning or capo 3 versions of this I saw. Irritated, I tabbed it
myself. This version should sound pure and soulful (not cheesy and poppy like the
capo 3 version). All chords are accurate. Listen to the song for rhythm. This was 
for a solo acoustic player, but it still translates well to a full band.

Oh, I also corrected some lyrics (he actually sings "You know I need you here to clear
mind" in the first verse. Listen up, lyric-transcriptors, tabbers, and cover junkies.
screwing up!!!!!!)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

Ray LaMontagne
"You Are The Best Thing"

CAPO 1 - all chords written relative to capo.

INTRO - A E F#m D x2
        A C#7 F#m
        E D E A

A E F#m                 D
Baby,   itís been a long day, baby.
A E F#m              D
        Things ainít going my way
            A    E     F#m
you know I need you here
               E -----
here to clear my mind
        E -----
all of the time

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/r/ray_lamontagne/you_are_the_best_thing_crd_ver_5.html ]
A E F#m                  D
And baby, the way you move me its crazy.
A E F#m                   D
       itís like you see right through me, you make it
A         E F#m       D                  E -----
 easier,        to please me, you donít even have to try.

oh because,
A    C#7     F#m         D
you are the best thing
A    C#7     F#m         D
you are the best thing
A    C#7     F#m        E
you are the best thing
D          E        A
   ever happened to me

Repeat that pattern (half the length of the first verse)

Baby, Weíve come a long way, baby.
you know, I hope and I pray that you believe me
When I say this love will never fade away

oh because
you are the best thing
you are the best thing
you are the best thing
ever happened to me

(The bridge below has two hits on the NOTES E and F before the F#M)

F#m                            C#m
    Now both of us have known love before,
F#m                            C#m
    To come on up promising, like the spring,
just walk on out the door
Our hearts are strong and our hearts are kind
D                          E
well, let me tell you exactly what is on my mind.

A - x02220
E - 022100
F#M - 244222
D - xx0232 (I also use the Dsus2, xx0230, in this song. Your choice)
C#7 - x46464
C#m - x46654

more tabs for these kinds of songs on request. MichaelChanceMusic@gmail.com