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Am I Blue
Words & Music by Grant Clarke & Harry Akst
Recorded by Ethyl Waters, 1929
Also recorded by Linda Ronstadt, 1986

A7 A7+5  D6    DM7 F#m7
Am  I  blue?

B9    Em7    Em6  A9
Am I blue?

A9+5         F#m7 B9    E7   Bm      A7   D6/9  Bm7  Em7  A7
Ain't these tears in my eyes tellin' you?

A7+5   D6   DM7  D6/9
Am I blue?

           Em7   A7sus4  A7
You'd be, too,
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A6       D6   C7   B7   E7  B7   B9   D6           Fdim       
If each plan with your man just fell through.


F     F#m7          Fdim(III)    Fdim
Was a time I was his only one;

Fdim(III) Fdim             F#m        Em7   A7
 Now I'm      the sad and lonely one.

A7+5    D   DM7   D6/9
Was  I gay?

       Em7   A7sus4   A7
Til today 

A6        D6   C7  B7      E7     Bb9   A9    D6    Bm7   Fdim
Now he's gone and we're through  am I blue?

 A7    D6     Cdim   Fdim    Bb9     A9    D6     Bm7     Dsus4
Am  I blue?       

Bm6 A7  D9
Am  I blue?