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From: (John Ross)

                         A WHITER SHADE OF PALE

               Keith Reid and Gary Brooker (Procul Harum)
                               (C) 1967

Intro: (all notes in first position)

C        Am       F        Dm       G        Em  G7   C   F    G   F G7

C                         Am
   We skipped the light fandango    <--- verse I
   She said "There is no  reason,   <--- verse II

F                                  Dm
  And turned cartwheels across the floor
  And the truth is plain to        see,"

G                          Em      G7
  I was feeling kind of    seasick
  But I wandered through my playing cards

C                              Am   Em
  But the crowd called out for more
  And would not let her        be

F                       Dm
  The room was humming  harder
  One of sixteen vestal virgins

G                          Em   G7
  As the ceiling flew a-   way
  Who were leaving for the coast

C                           Am     Em
  When we called out for a- nother drink
  And although my eyes were o-     pen

F                                 Dm
  The waiter brought a            tray
They might just as well have been closed


G13       C6  Cmaj7      Am    C
And so it was      that  later

F                        Dm
  As the miller told his tale
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G                             Em
  That her face at first just ghostly

G7         C      F          C     G7  C (second time)
  Turned a whiter   shade of pale


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macon@gallifry.Berkeley.EDU (Glen Macon) writes:
>Title:				WHITER SHADE OF PALE		(Procal Harum)

Some corrections to the chords. I'm writing this from my head so these may be
a bit off, too, but certainly closer. My chart says it's in C but I think I
never did actually check it, so I'll stay in G.

>		G  F#               Em        D
                G  D/F#                Em     Em7/D
>		We skipped the last fandango
>		C      Bm                     Am     G
                C      G/B                    Am     Am7/G
>		Turned cart-wheels `cross the floor
>		D     C               Bm      Am
                D     D7/C            Bm7     D7/A
>		I was feeling kind of sea-sick

and so on

>		D         G    F#      Em       D
                D13       G    D/F#    Em      Em7/D
>	CHORUS: And so we watched, and later
as in the verse except for the ending which was OK:
>		       G      C        G     D
>		Turn a whiter shade of pale

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