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Subject: Penetration : Don't Dictate
From: Juha Kivijarvi 
Date: 	Tue, 28 Nov 1995 23:34:09 +0200 (EET)
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        DON'T DICTATE   by  Penetration
intro:  E   C D  (4x)
E    D      C            D          E
Penetrating voices going through my head
          D             C          D
I haven't listened to a thing they said
E      D      C         D   
Always they removed the answers
E       D          C    D
I won't suffer the consequences
A  G    F        G
Torn between the two
A        G           F     G
Right or wrong there is no answer
A      G      F       G
Don't tell me what to do
A       G          F        G
It's my choice I'm taking a chance yeah
E   C D  (4x)
   G              A              C
   Don't dictate  Don't dictate  Don't dictate dictate to me   (2x)
(repeat everything) 

Don't dictate...  (6x)
Don't dictate! Don't dictate! 
C B Bb A G 

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                                                   Juha Kivijarvi