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Heaven Is A Halfpipe Chords

OPM- Heaven is a halfpipe

This is so easy t play only 2 chords.
I am pretty sure it is correct but don't blame me if its wrong!!!

G = 320033
C = x32033
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/o/opm/heaven_is_a_halfpipe_crd_ver_4.html ]
G    C            G     C
If i die before i wake,
G           C            G      C
At least in heaven i can skate,
G                C              G    C
Cos right now on earth i can do Jack,
G           C           G    C
Without the men upon my back.

Thats it folks and the verse is exactly the same:
G                     C  G                     C
Now heaven would be a DJ spinning up all night long,
G                        C                 G                C
And heaven would be just kicking back with Jesus packing my bong.

Etc. etc.

Tabbed by Jon Maguire?