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From Mon Jun  7 21:04:11 1993
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In article (Jet Girl) writes:
>Title sez it all really...
>Has anyone got the tab. for this song (or indeed just the chords, I
>can take it from there)???
>I need something to distract me from revision!!!
>love and whippets

Here's some to get you started, loosely...

Disclaimer: If you are going to flame then I welcome it on the chords, but
I make no claims about the lyrics!

Gm                  F
Monty this seems    strange to me

Gm                  F
The movies had that movie thing

Gm                  F
Nonsense has a      welcome ring

   Dm    Am  Dm
so don't let go..

-and the chorus is something like

Dm        Am     Dm
You don't owe me anything

- that's all I got for now, the tab follow the chords fairly close especially
if you do the Gm as xxxx786

The lyrics were posted a while ago and I could get a copy if needed.  I've been
meaning to post this and get feedback for quite some time now so thanks for the

Let me know what you fine tuning you all do...

onkar meNO sHARMa

Humpty Dumpty was pushed... :o