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Love Me To Death Chords

Dadd9 is basically a C chord slid up to the third fret.

Let me come inside your ivory tower 
                   Daad9          Em
let me come inside your hallowed walls
God, it's heaven in here

Fix me with your hand of praise, 
                 Dadd9             Em 
fix me with your touch of precious thrills

Your fingers dance across my skin 
Am                            Em   C  D             
reaching out for the pride of man

Hand in hand, flesh in flesh 
                      Daad9         Em
we're walking through the fire of love

Breath by breath, and flame by flame 
                     Dadd9            Em
we burn 'til the sun rises and shines hot
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Love comes gushing, love runs 
     Am                     Em
free my love comes all over you
Em                      C  D       
My love comes for you 

Em   D     C                Em           D          
Love me to death, my flower run bare fur through my hair
Naked on my lips 

Em   D      C                 Em               D              
love me to death, my precious smother me with kisses
C                 D                Bm       Am   Em
drown me in your waves of falling sweetness

C                                             Dadd9           Em
Hold me dear, bury me deep bless me with your word of savage honour
We love more by fate than design 
                              Dadd9              Em
so give me your hand and I'll gladly give you my life
Bm                                 Am
A  flower, that sways in the breeze you must be stronger 
than the winds that blow you away 
Blow you away