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Kashmir Red - High Times And Orange Juice Chords

Intro (G, D, Em, D, C, D)

G              D                 Em                  D                    C
High times and orange juice from porcelin bowls that set them loose, from far
away songs why you let them sing along,

G            D                      Em           D                C
Idle chat to keep the peace from the NME to the Middle East, That Keeps you 

awake from the ill that you make,

G                D                 Em              D                C
Rebel lies threw yellow eyes, that cast a spell to compromise, the Myth that 

they lead, for the fame that they need.

G               D                  Em               D                C
Joke once with nervous laughs, to forgein pleads or autographs, i'll sing my 

song, now won't you all sing along.

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Instrumental: G/Em7, D, C x 4 
              C for 8 - D for 8

G            D                      Em                      D
Judy Garland bodes you well, though your past attempts have caused you hell. 

     C                         D
I'll watch you digress - as i fail to impress.

G               D               Em                         D
Brass Pipes and silver tin, you chase the smoke but you'll never win - regret 

    C            D   
and relive as i fade in your cave,

G               D             Em                D              C
Cheap lines of former past, a misused languages waivers fast, increase on my 

game, as you hold back your shame.

G               D                  Em                      D
Cheap beers and cheaper tears, the juice is done the bowls dissappared - 
       C                        D
theres blood on the walls as my sanity...

G      D        Em       D         C          D
Callllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllls x 2