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The Invisibles - A List Chords

 EM           C 
To me YOUR perfect
 D              G    C
To you im not worth it
AM               E
I'm always gonna let you go
 G               EM
Have to let you grow
D                        EM
That brooken thing is my heart 
 C                 G
and i know your smart
    D        EM
So me  plus you 
C            E            AM G       
something thatll never come true
        EM              C
Chorus: I could make a list 

of everything i wish
 D                        G
and they could all come true
 E                                  AM
but it wouldnt be the same with out you
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vers 2:
 D                     G
i know that it aint right 
why do you always gotta put up a fight
Did i ever hold to tight
on what could be
i wasted every miricale 
on every body but me
  EM                                C
your so blind but clearly you can see 
D                                  G
every thing in her but nothing in me 
         EM                 C       D                      G             
BRIDGE: starring out of my window wishing things could chanGe
EM                          D        
i know she made u cry now  you feel my pain
G                C E                    A
trying to move on even harder to keep strong 
A                          D     
cuz everytime you smille at me
AM                       G
i have to make another song

Repeat chorus

EM          C
i could make a list 
D               G
of everthing i wish
E                             AM
and most of it would be to have you 
 EM                             C
and i'd pray for this to coMe true
  D                      G     A
but i spent every miricale on you