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Coal Tab

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From: ez049576@bullwinkle.ucdavis.edu (Michael Lewis)

Coal - Michael Penn, from the album Free For All
Transcribed by Mike Lewis (mclewis@ucdavis.edu)

Please send any corrections, comments, and any other Michael Penn tabs to
me! :-)

Capo 2

Intro: (Play four times)

 G                     C(9)  D


G             C9      G  C9   G    D
Who'd've ever thought to call that coal,

      G                    C9 G      C9 G     D
If my hands were warm then I  might, I  don't know,

       A7                 D7
I keep panning, but in my reach, it

C      G        C     G
Hangs on, water falls down,
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           A    A/G A/F# A/E
There's no gold

In this barren town.

(Play intro twice)

Verse 2

Used to be a man could make his way,
With a barrel full of this black coal,
Half certain you'd say,
But in my reach, it
Hangs on, water falls down,
There's no gold,
In this barren town.

(Play intro twice)

   G        Am           Em             C Cmaj7 G D

Hang on that D for a bit, then:


Intro two more times, then the third verse:

Look at every angle and draw the square,
Find some nut you can instead untighten,
Watch me in the corner with a pair,
Under certain pressure ace, a diamond.
So run your fingers down my back,
You'd make such a cool distraction,
'cause in my reach it
Hangs on,
Yeah, the walls down,
But there's no gold,
There's a line drawn and crossed, by the banks.
By the way
Water falls down,
There's no gold, in this barren town.

Intro twice, then repeat solo, ending on D.