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Author/Artist: Diarmuid McAreavy 
Title: Sleepless
Transcribed by: Rabid_Fox (Diarmuid McAreavy)

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Tuning: Standard
At 4.25 am with the alarm set for eight
I should be asleep instead I lie awake
  B5                   A5                 E7sus4
I write down thoughts, meaningless and so dry

Time waits for no man but I wish it would pass
Hurry on so as I can be tired at last
If I see one more dawn I'll just want to die
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Prechorus I: (Strum each one chord once only)
G                 C
Sleeplessness but not insomnia
B           A   
I refuse to use the buzzword
     G               C
That fashionable hypochondriacs
B               A
Use more than I care to

   G                    C
So thinking of drinking heavily
       Em                   Am
In the name of finding some sleep
Em          Am             Csus4  Cmaj7
Where's the sandman when I need him

Em(VII)          Dm(V)
I feel so dizzy, I feel so weak
Em7(VII)         Dm(V)*strum once*
I feel so dizzy, I feel...

...almost nocturnal, I just want to dream
You all sleep soundly, at least so it seems
But everytime I lie down I just wake up instead

Now feeling dog tired but not a bit sleepy
At my wits end the hope that I'm keeping 
Is hoping that soon I'll not be hating my bed

Prechorus II:

Heavy eyes and cigarettes
That's my day to night routine
I'm watching another sunrise 
That I never should have seen


I feel so dizzy, I feel so weak
I feel so dizzy, I feel kind of weak.