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Blame It On Me Chords

Maria Mena - Blame it on me

How come no one wants to tab this fantastic song.
Well, here are the chords. Maybe that can help someone to do the tabulature.

Standard tuning:

These chords are played throughout the entire song

Eb     Fm     C#     G#
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Intro      (Western guitar only)
Vers       (Bass, Guitar)
Chorus     (Drums, Bass, Guitar)
Vers       (Bass, guitar)
Chorus     (All)
Interlude  (Bass, Guitar)
Chorus     (Guitar)
Chorus     (All)
Outro      (Fade All)

If you put a capo on third fret:

C      Dm     Bb     F

Held og lykke, og hav det sjovt med den.
Hilsen Jon2 aus Aalborghus.