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Amie Tab

Written by Pure Praire League
Tabbed by RekonDog

Guitar I:  [repeat]       Guitar II: [start on 3 measure]
    (Amaj)                 (Amaj)

                            *let ring

|---11---11-9----9-11-9-------------||  END GUITAR I
                                  * let ring

Verse I:
A              G         D   A         G   D
I can see why you think you belong to me.
A                 G         D       A                           D
I never tried to make you think or let you see one thing for yourself.
                C                              D
But now youíre off with someone else and Iím alone.
            C                                   E
You see I thought that I could keep you for my own.
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A      G             D     A              G               D
Amie, what you wanna do?  I think that I could stay with you,
       Bm                      E
for a while maybe longer if I doÖ

A                    G       D           A        G   D
Donít you think the time is right for us to find.
A           G    D                         A                             D
All the things we thought werenít proper could be right in time and can you see,
D         C                            D
Which way we should turn together or alone?
        C                                 E
I can never see whatís right or what is wrongÖ
(yeah you take to long to see)


A                 G        D               A        G    D
Now itís come to what you want, youíve had yer way.
A                            G       D        A                         D
And all the things youíre fightín for just faded into gray and can you see,
        C                                D
that I donít know if itís you or if itís me?
         C                                E
If itís one of us, Iím sure we both will seeÖ
(wonít you look at me and tell me?)


Verse II:
E         A                   G          D    A                     G      D
I keep, falliní in and out of love with you.  Falliní in and out of love with you.
A                           G     D
Donít  know what Iím gonna doÖ
D           A                 G     D   Amaj(add7)  A
I keep, falliní in and out of l-o-v-e, with y---o----uÖ