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My Reward Chords

Capo 3 - G shape 
Intro - C, Em, D  

Verse 1
           G                D 
I give my life again, Every breath I have
    Em          C 
For You are my reward
     G              D  
Jesus take my life, a sarifice
 Em            C    Em     D         C
All I have is Yours, All I have is Yours
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             G                    D 
You are my reward, All I'm living for
     Em               C 
I surrender all my life to You
                 G           D 
All consuming fire, You are my desire
           Em                 C         D     C   Em, D 
No one else but You, I surrender all my life to you  

Verse 2
Jesus here I am, with open hands 
Lifted high to You 
Could my heart contain, all Your love for me 
You're all I need to know  

Nothing compares to knowing You
Nothing compares to loving You 
C                                 D 
I'm giving my life to follow You my King