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Splitting Up Christmas Chords

Tabbed by Kyle Davidson



C                              F
So what if it's freezing, I'm awake and I'm happy
               C           G       F
The sun's steepling its shards on my floor
C                                   G
I drag my feet to the shower and I hear someone singing
             C                          F             C
I keep the lights off a while and the water gets warm
          C                     F
Now I knot up my tie and toss books in a schoolbag
        C        G          F
They keep my priorities straight
              C                           G
So I can sleepwalk through work like an outpatient program
C                       F          C
I don't buy but get through anyway
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           C                          F
And at some point I'll call you and tell you I miss you
C               G              F
And you are the point of my day
        C                             G
And my face will get flushed and my throat will choke up
          C                F         C
When you tell me that you feel the same

    F                        C
So I have been thinking of splitting up Christmas
        Am         G           F 
To see everyone I'd like to see
And you're first on that list
You're the lotto I hit
C                       G               C
You're the star at the top of the tree


F                             C
And I have been feeling this good for a reason
      Am       G     F
My friends and my family
You all are my backbone
You keep me balanced and settled
    C              G                  C
And I'm in debt to you all endlessly

C                               F
So tonight I will call you and try to say
               C          G         F
Thank you for being the sun on my face
                C                     F
I know the world's almost over but you make it seem better
        C          G            C
And I hope for you I do the same