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Oh Shangri La Chords

This song is in the key of D. The four main chords are D, G, A and Em. There is also a Gm.

     D: 232002
     Em: 000220 (030220 = Em7)
     G: 330023 (x30023 = alternate emphasis)
     A: 022200
     Gm: 333553

The Em v. Em7 is a tough one to call. If you listen to the background vocals, they 
clearly descend
to note G (the ď3Ē in the Em7 chord above), but I believe Jon is simply playing an Em 
and letting
the vocals create the dissonance. You can play it either way if youíre singing; play Em7 
if youíre not.

Unfortunately I donít know most of the lyrics. But the verses play out in the following 
way rhythmically:

(following an intro, which is simply an A chord:)

     D D Em A (repeat)

For help, Iíll write the chords over one of the lyrics I do know.

     D                          Em
     This jukebox wonít play no Sinatra
              A               D
     It just curses all night long
     D                      Em
     Thereís no easy spoken mantra
            A            D
     Put me back where I belong

Then, the ďchorusĒ is played like this: (all single strum once first Gm is played)

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      D                          Em
     (Oh Shangri La, why canít I find you
              A            D
     and your faded promises)
     Gm                   D
     Iíve seen it in your eyes
     Gm                 D           A           G
     A wanted manís disguise, and a million bad highs
         Gm                  D        Gm    D
     The lights had all gone red, the 4 am dread
     Gm             D             A             G    
   A       D
     Then you make sense like the star that you are, oh Shangri La

Then back to the verse (D D Em A), then chorus once 
more (Gm D). Following the second chorus:

     D   Em   G    A       (D)
                Oh Shangri La
     D   Em   G    A       D  Em  
G  A  D
                Oh Shangri Laaaaaaaaaaaaa

Then finally, thereís the intro to the last minute and a half:


     D            Em     A        D
     Ohhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhh Ohohhhhhhhh