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Me Myself I Chords

Ab                                A
I sit here by myself and you know I love it
    Ab                                A             E
You know I don't want someone to come pay a visit
E            B
I want to be by myself
       E               A
I came in this world alone
E                Ab
Me Myself I

Ab                            A
I want to go to China and to see Japan
     Ab                             A                   E
I'd like to sail the oceans before the seas run dry
E             B
I want to go by myself
           E              A
I've just room enough for one
Me Myself I
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E                               A
I wanna be a big shot and have ninety cars
   E                            A                 E
I wanna have a boyfriend and a girl for laughs
E            B              E           A
But only on Saturdays, six days to be alone
          E      B     E     A       E
With just me myself I, me myself and I
E    B     E     A        Ab
Just me myself I

Ab                  A         Ab
Don't wanna be the bad guy
Ab                  A         E
Don't wanna make a soul cry
E                B
It's not that I love myself 
        E              A  
I just don't want company
Except me myself I, me myself and I

Just me myself I

Then there is the solo.  After the solo do the first verse again.