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Dry Land Chords

Key: Gm
Chords used: Gm, B, F, Dm
Capo: 3rd fret

       D        Em
Let me sail ....depths of your soul
       G               D          Em
Let me anchor .... can be to your shore
I'm coming into dry land
       G            Em
Been a long time at sea
And the season ...
         Em             (maybe Em D G)
Has long awaited me

G                    D
Tides and waves have kept me
Kept me going
G                   D
I'm longing for the calm
I'm heading for the pastures
[ Tab from: ]
      Em          G
I can see on your dry land
        Bm                Em
Let the sea that once did take me
(Bm?)                      D
Bring me back safe to your door
      Em                D                G
For I long to touch the dry land of your shore

D             Em
Clear back to land I'm rowing
D                     Em
Clear the deck let me touch your soul
           Bm               G
Maybe I'll bring you back a gift of love
     D                   G
I'll promise you so much more

The Gs and Ems (or Bs and Gms in the original key) seem a bit interchangeable; i know 
missed some nice fancy bits here which could be added, although playing it on piano sure 
help. Feel free to repost with fancy bits if you can figure them out.