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Old Five And Dimers Chords

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***************** OLD FIVE AND DIMERS (LIKE ME) *****************

written by Billy Joe Shaver

performed by Waylon Jennings.

Verse 1:
         A                                         E
	I've spent a lifetime,making up my mind to be
	More than the measure of what i thought others could see
	Good luck and fast bucks are too far and too few between
          E                                          A                
	Cadillac buyers and old five and dimers like me

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Verse 2:
         A                                            E
	She stood beside me letting me know she would be
	Something to lean on when everything ran out on me
	Fenced yards ain't hole cards and like as not never will be
          E                                             A  
	Reasons for rhymers and old five and dimers like me

Verse 3:
         A                                              E 
	It's taken me so long but now that i know i believe
	All that i do or say is all that i ever will be
	Too far and too high and too deep ain't too much to be
             E                                             A
	Too much ain't enough for old five and dimers like me

            E                                      A 
	An old five and dimer was all i intented to be

Thanks to David M. Potter for the lyrics.
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