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Amazing Grace Chords

Artist: Jars Of Clay
Song: Amazing Grace

G                                 Cadd9
i grew this heart into a drifter
G                        D   D2  D
i never felt the roots i bear
i sold my sight, oh brother, sister
for a mountain of fools gold, its gone
only god knows, god knows where
G                                    Cadd9
my soul was restless from redemption
G                                 D
my feet were looking for a place to stand
                     G                                 C
well i ain't got no life, and you know i ain't got no money
just the faith of an empty hand

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C                           D                 
amazing grace i feel you coming up slowly now
C                         D
like the sun is rising, heat on my face
C                               D
oh love that keeps on shining, don't let the shadow come
C                                      D
you know Iíve gotta feel your healing rays


G                                 Cadd9
i hitched a ride, i was a beggar
G                   D    D2 D
i had murder on my hands
i needed water to rinse these stains
but only blood could remove whatís spilling 
and pardon me the blame


amazing grace i feel you coming up slowly now
amazing grace I feel you coming up slowly now

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