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Complicated Chords

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Ian Kelly


E		  C               F
I called you up again, this is not any day
Am        C               G
It's the day that you say you love me

All my dreams are in your hands, you've been hiding away
You've been scared and you may just leave me

F       C         G
I still have faith
F         C        G
There is no one in second place
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	C          F          Am           G       Dm
	Would I lie to you, did I ever break the truce?
       F            C                  G
	Am I just another puzzle for your thoughts?
	C       F         Am       G       Dm
	Every day is new, but I feel so used
       F            C      G          F
	Would an ordinary love be so...complicated
          C       G
	Still I hold on

Am, E, C, F, 
I remember when we met, how you saved me from debt
You rerouted me from certain death

So I gave my life to you
F                       Am
We're expecting number two
           C                     G 
We have reached the point where I can't live without you

I don't know if
C              G
Am I losing faith?
F	C                 G
I can't be in second place


And still I hold on, complicated
While you're moving on
Why do I hold on?.