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Wherefore Art Thou Gene Simons Tab

h=hammer on 
p=pull off
G major 4/4

G1= 30040x
D1= 20020x
C1= 50050x
Em1= 70070x
D7/C= x30210
Gb1= x10030
G#1= 4x553x 

Riff 1 

Riff 1
A mother said, "Beware of boys in bands
And certainly don't let them write you songs

Riff 1
For they will come to you on bended knee and kiss your pretty hands
When the singing's done, and the suns up they'll be gone."

          Em           D              G           C
While her mother has a point, I might resent the implication.
     Em            D                  C               G
That every boy who plays guitar plays women like Gene Simmons.

Riff 1 
4600 photographs, stuck into a scrapbook beneath your bed.

Riff 1
4599 broken hearts, and one more you can't get out of your head.

               Em            D               G                  C
And though you swear you can remember every pair of lips you've kissed

Em               D                   C              G
Deep down you're scared there's 1 or 2 you might've missed.

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G1     D1     C1     G1
Oh,    Oh    Chaim  Witz, 

Em1    C1     D1     G1
where fore   art    though?

G1     D1     C1     G1
Does  your   mother 

Em1    C1     D1     G1    D7/C
know   who    you    are   now?

         Em            D                   G               C
Not that I can point a finger, I've been a sinner just the same
        Em             D             C                  G
Fallen hard in love in motels and by sunrise lost their name.
            Em             D              G                 C
And I have crept out into cold air in the smallest hours to leave
           Em            D                   C          G  
And in the pockets of my jacket I've kept my last fidelities

A navy coin and a broken plastic compass that someone gave me.
      G#1                                G
That can't find north anymore. Just like me.

G1     D1     C1     G1
Oh,          Gene Simmons, 

Em1    C1     D1     G1
wherefore    art though?

G1     D1     C1     G1
I     could   sure   use 

Em1    C1     D1     G1    D7/C
a hand on     my shoulder  now.

        Em         D                    G               C
when fidelity runs low that there's the moment when you choose

       Em                  D              C             G
In the life of things you love, some you keep, some you lose.