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Hi guys my name is Joey Montuori i am a 15 year old guitar player and I have figured out the main rythem for 
filter the song called take a picture. This song is really tough to get down the rythem part
it will take a while the picking is quite unique. I will write down the chord and tab for the 
chord. Once you get the rythem it's fun to play


Chord one A     Chord two A SUS    Chord three D SUS

e----X--       e---X--             e---3--
B----0--       B---3--             B---3--
G----2--       G---2--             G---2--
D----2--       D---2--             D---0--
A----0--       A---0--             A---X--
E----X--       E---X--             E---X--
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NOTE that when you makt the D sus chord that you make a D major then put in that 4th finger.

So here is the pattern.  

Play A eight times.
Play A SUS four times right after that fourth time take your 3RD finer off the
the chord to make the A major again and play that A once. So it's A sus 4 times
then finger off to A major once.
Play D SUS four times then take that 4th finger off to make a D major and then you 
play D major once after taking the 4th finger off.
Then it repeats.

So here it is. A,A,A,A,A,A,A,A,ASUS,ASUS,ASUS,ASUS,A,DSUS,DSUS,DSUS,DSUS,D, then repeat.

So have fun with it any questions or comments please email Joey Montuori at