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Tomorrows Chords

Artist: Falling Up
Song: Tomorrows
Album: Midnight on Earthship
Composer: Jessy Ribordy
Year: 2013

Capo: 4

(Note: Words in parenthesis are 'official' lyrics, but are not sung in the original recording)

Verse 1:
G              C       G 
My song isn't sung by angels
        C         G
Isn't played in chambers
Or hallways

G               C       G
My sound is an anxious tapping
        C        G  
It's a restless moving
   D      C2      G
Always, always, always

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Verse 2:
G               C       G 
My place isn't in this building
                C       G
There (are) no golden ceilings
That stand tall

G               C          G 
My place is a dream that's failing
        C         G
It is broken (and) waiting
     D       C2       G
to fall, to fall, to fall

G         G
Oh, Lord Jesus
I'm still trying
Wait for me

G      G
Stay today
And I'll run tomorrow
(But I know You) wait for me (3x)