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Kings Crossing Tab

Elliott Smith
King's Crossing
Figure 8

Capo 3rd Fret


The King's crossing was the main attraction
Dominoes falling in a chain reaction
The scraping subject ruled by fear told me
Whiskey works better than beer
The judge is on vinyl, decisions aren't final
And nobody gets a reprieve
And every wave is tidal
If you hang around you're going to get wet

                                                         C G Dm
I can't prepare for death any more than I already have

Am                    F 
All you can do now is watch the shelves
    C          G            Dm
The game looks easy, that's why it sells
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C                    B/Am
Frustrated fireworks inside your head
          Am              G/Am F
Are going to stand and deliver dark instead
C                      B/Am
The method acting that pays my bills
          Am            G/Am F
Keeps the fat man feeding in Beverly Hills
C                             B/Am 
I got a heavy metal mouth, it hurls obscenity
          Am           G/Am F
And I get my check from the trash treasury
C                             B/Am  
Because I took my own insides out

Am                      F   
It don't matter cause I have no sex life
    C              G      Dm 
And all I wanna do now is inject my ex-wife
I've seen the movie
      F                  C G Dm
And I know what happens
It's Christmas time
And the needle's on the tree
  C               G        Dm
A skinny Santa is bringing something to me
His voice is overwhelming
But his speech is slurred
      C    G          C           F 
And I only understand every other word

Open your parachute and grab your gun
Float down like an omen, a setting sun
Read the part and return at five
It's a hell of a role if you can keep it alive
But I don't care if I fuck up
I'm going on a date
With a rich white lady
Ain't life great?
Gi'me one good reason not to do it
(Because I love you)
So do it.

This is the place where time reverses
And dead men talk to all the pretty nurses
Instruments shine on a silver tray
C                G
Don't let me get carried away
C                G  
Don't let me get carried away
C               G       Dm
Don't let me be carried away