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Artist: Eli Young Band
Song: Home
Tuning: Standard
Tabbed by: Devildog1688 (Kyle)

Am        G         F

  Am           G         F
I shed a lotta years in tears
        Am         G        F
In this broke down used up town
Am      G              F
Bled my heart on these city streets
Am                   G      F
Strangers laid their money down
I'm home
     Am       G    F
I've never known a love
   Am        G         F
My soul was searchin for
      Am     G       F                       Am      
G       F
Now I look into that great big blue and feel nothin i felt before
I'm alone

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/e/eli_young_band/home_crd.html ]
        F           Am
So I'll shake some hands
F                  Am
Chase that calling star
          F        Am          G
I'm gonna drive so fast, I can only drive so far
          F      Am
I'm gonna lay my bricks
F       Am
Park my car
      F      Am                 G     G (strum slow and let ring)
Gonna sew my seat somewhere but home, Its where you are

          Am         G        F
I see you washed out there in smiles
       Am        G       F
When I look back on this place
Am       G            F
All that held me as a child
   Am     G     F
Is beggin me to stay
But I'm gone

Repeat Chorus

Bridge (not sure of the chords)

Ill follow that winding road

The one I can't see past

Knowing I can always go back...


Repeat Chorus

ohh its where you are...

There ya go guys. i thought i would post that and once i get the solo and bridge ill 
it! God Bless.  -Kyle